I have conducted research in the tropics for over three decades, and I can tell you that Mongabay is THE best source for important, cutting-edge news about rainforests and their imperiled wildlife. If you want to know about rainforests and nature conservation, Mongabay is hands down the best place to look.

William F. Laurance
Distinguished Research Professor & Australian Laureate
Prince Bernhard Chair in International Nature Conservation


“Mongabay is the pre-eminent, go-to website for rainforest issues. The articles are always well-researched, well-written, and insightful. Whether you are doing research for a school research paper, looking for cool info on weird jungle creatures, or investigating a corporation that might be harming the tropical environment, Mongabay is ALWAYS the place to start!”

Mark Plotkin
Founder and President, the Amazon Conservation Team


“Mongabay is not only spreading news of important issues, but they’re doing so in a highly credible, accessible, and effective way. If given the opportunity and support to generate [more] stories, Mongabay will absolutely bring the power and reach of incredible storytelling from both a scientific and social perspective.”

Nigel Sizer
Head of World Resources Institute’s Global Forest Watch



Rhett Butler, founder of Mongabay.com, has been a huge inspiration to me, and to many others I know. His web site gives voice to the many, many wild places of the world that are under siege like never before. One of the Top 10 places on the Web as far as I am concerned.

Greg McCann



Few people ever leave behind them a lasting legacy for good that future generations (beyond their immediate family) will remember and value – the work you are doing through Mongabay is a great example to others of what can be achieved and I like others have great respect for what you have achieved.

I am old enough to have seen flora and fauna that were common in my youth become rare and some even extinct. My book was written with the young in mind, hoping that some of the interesting facts that have been shared with me through the kindness of strangers like you Rhett, will also interest them and make them want to learn more…

Joan Burton-Jones


Internship program

Mongabay’s internship program was an amazing first step into the world of science writing and science news reporting. My editors have been wonderfully critical and helpful and the exposure I’ve received via my writing on Mongabay was unexpectedly helpful to me – I’ve really developed a love for writing and the reason is nearly entirely Mongabay! 

Mrinalini (Mini) Erkenswick Watsa


Through Mongabay’s internship program, I had the rare opportunity to cover vital environmental topics and interview experts across the world. The experience sharpened my writing skills, boosted my confidence, and launched my byline into the science writing community. The constant support from the editorial team continues as I pursue a career in science communication.

Lacey Avery


The program let me train as a science writer: I chose some topics, was assigned others, I learned how to choose interviewees and conduct interviews, experiment a little and get lots of copy! The reader base of the website is huge and some articles got a lot of eyes on them. All very good for a first time intern.

Sandhya Sekar


Interning at mongabay.com has been an amazing experience! I’m able to talk directly to world-class researchers, work with incredible conservationists and writers, and produce the latest news and information myself in a field where information is everything. Thank you Mongabay!

Jordanna Dulaney



My six-month internship with Mongabay provided a great opportunity to report environmental and conservation stories from all over the world. The editors always made themselves available for guidance while I gained experience, put more clips in my portfolio, and added a slew of scientists to my source list…all from my desk at home.

Elizabeth Devitt



Interning for Mongabay has been one of the most exciting, enriching and valuable experiences of my professional life. Not only has my time with Mongabay allowed me to improve my writing skills and build up an impressive writing portfolio, but my internship was cited as one of the main reasons for my acceptance into a PhD program. I have nothing but positive things to say about my Mongabay experience, the Mongabay team and all things Mongabay!

Liz Kimbrough