Media inquiries

Over the years Mongabay has provided hundreds of journalists and media outlets with comment and information on forests, conservation, wildlife, and other environmental issues. Some examples include the BBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox News, NPR, PRI, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Vice, Grist, Ensia, the Sydney Morning Herald, Showtime, Time Magazine, Tempo, the Jakarta Post, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, the Huffington Post, UPI, Yahoo, Bloomberg, Animal Planet, Reuters, Voice of America, the Associated Press, the San Francisco Chronicle, the L.A. Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Forbes, and Business Week, among many others.

Review reports of the most recent places our work has appeared here at our blog. 

To reach the author of a Mongabay article for an interview or other inquiry, or to be connected with members of our editorial team with the expertise listed below either for interviews or speaking engagements, editor Erik Hoffner is our preferred first point of contact and can be reached at erik [at] Please include “media inquiry” in your email’s subject line.

Mongabay experts

Rhett A. Butler – Mongabay Founder and CEO
Rhett’s areas of expertise include tropical forests, deforestation, palm oil, the Amazon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Madagascar, trends in conservation, conservation technology, and non-profit media.

Philip Jacobson – Senior Southeast Asia Editor
Expertise includes corporate secrecy, land acquisition and licensing in the Indonesian plantation and extractive sectors.

Erik Hoffner – Editor and Content Strategist
Erik’s expertise includes agroforestry, climate-smart agriculture and agroecology, photojournalism, environmental issue communication, and non-profit media.

Karen Coates – Fellowship Editor
Karen is available to share expertise on media training and fellowships.

India Bureau:

Gopikrishna Warrier – Managing editor
Reporting on climate change, environmental economics, biodiversity, natural resource management — India perspective. Media training on climate change reporting and editorial management.

Kartik Chandramouli – Digital content editor
Multimedia content production, based on environmental themes.

Aditi Tandon – Production editor
Fact checking, copy editing on environment and climate change themes.

Kundan Pandey – Contributing editor, Hindi
Energy and public health

Manish Mishra – Content coordinator, Hindi
On-the-ground storytelling, indigenous communities, forests

Sandhya Sekar – Program manager
Science communication, science based press releases, scientific reporting, scientific fact checking, management of non-profit newsrooms.